Seeking Indigenous people who have given birth to participate in a research study to learn about your stories and experiences with feeding your baby.


  • Must have given birth and fed a baby (breastmilk or formula)
  • Identify as Indigenous to Turtle Island
  • Live in Michigan
  • Be at least 18 years old

If selected, you will be invited to participate in one of the following:

  • In person talking circle (focus group) $150 Visa Gift Card
  • In person or zoom interview and will receive $75 Visa Gift Card
  • Online survey and will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card

Contact Information:

Angie Sanchez (Doctoral Student, Co-PI)

Email: [email protected] Phone: 231.642.0114

Dr. Sue Grady (Co-PI)

Email: [email protected]  Phone: 517.432.9998